Obsidian Labs

The Dawn of a Blockchain New Age

What is Obsidian Labs

Obsidian Labs is a worldwide group focusing on blockchain technology and making great products. We have already released a multi-chain wallet Secrypto and will deliver EOScript as a compiler for EOS mainnet.
Secure and easy-to-use crypto wallet

Secrypto Wallet

Secrypto provides an intuitive yet secured wallet for every user from beginner to expert. It is the first crypto wallet in the market that integrates multiple wallets and utilizes the highest level of security with breakthrough “read-only" mode so you have a peace of mind managing all your cryptocurrencies.

Discover what you need in decentralized world

DApp Store

DApp Store is an entrance for users to find useful tools in decentralized ecosystem. We will assemble DApps build on Ethereum, EOS and other platforms by calling smart contract directly.

The EOS dApp framework integrated with efficiency and security


EOScript is an open-source framework for decentralized applications (dApp) on EOS. It uses JavaScript syntax with blockchain operation extensions. DApps written in EOScript can be compiled to C++ and deployed to the EOS Mainnet. Through a unified coding, debugging, security auditing and deployment workflows, EOScript can greatly improve the coding efficiency of EOS developers.

Technical Brochure




Full-feature EOS wallet
Decentralized Exchange
Airdrop Channel
Secrypto DApp Store



EOScript proof-of-concept



EOScript beta version
3rd-party payment SDK



EOScript 1.0 version release



Zehao Li

CEO, Co-founder

Former founder and CTO of Officewell and Mexue Technology Co., Ltd.
PhD in Physics in Massachusetts Institute of Technology. B.A in Physics in Peking University. Top 10 in Putnam Mathematical Competition.
He has more than 10 years of experience in IT industry and created two products with millions of users.

Xin Sun


Xin is an expert in online marketing and user growth. He served as the chief online marketing director of YangCheng Ltd (A-share listed) where he contributed over $10M of revenue annually. Before that, he founded HeyCity Inn, a brand of high-end residence and young people community in China. Xin has got a master degree in E-Business in Newcastle University, and B.A in Finance from Macau University of Science and Technology.

Rose Ren


Rose has extensive experience in Investment and Public Relations.
She was former Marketing Lead of Bodhi, former investment manager of Continue Capital and Danhua Capital.
Rose received Bachelor’s degree of Economics and Math from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.